The Walter B. Davis Company Guarantee

Trusting the Walter B. Davis Company with your commercial construction project means you benefit from superior workmanship, meticulous time and cost management, and unwavering integrity.

Exceptional customer service also continues to fuel the growth of the Walter B. Davis Company.

Contractors are not typically known for offering guarantees, but that’s one of the hallmarks of the Walter B. Davis Company. Using Timberline and Primavera construction management software, the WBD Company is able to provide accurate time and cost estimates and expedite submittals, deliveries and project completions.

Because it is as important to the Walter B. Davis Company as it is to clients to effectively move contracting projects forward, the WBD Company provides clients with total cost and time commitments in lump sum general contracts.

As a full service general contractor for commercial and industrial clients, the Walter B. Davis Company is fully licensed and insured to provide a variety of construction management, large scale, critical (high-risk), and green commercial contracting services in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee.

Please Contact Us to talk with the Walter B. Davis Company about your commercial or industrial project.